Chemical free self-cleaning system Electrolytic Scale Remover for cooling tower water treatment

October 9, 2018 at 1:58 PMadmin

 Chemical free self-cleaning system Electrolytic Scale Remover for cooling tower water treatment

Tiaano incepted on 1992, and installed more than 5000 numbers of electrolytic water treatment system throughout 63 countries.  Tiaano, India design and produce the Titanium reactor by make in India concept.  Scale formation, Algae & slime formation, Waterborne Bacterial growth, Disinfection (prevent legionella), creates an alkaline pH environment that prevents corrosion etc. can be taken care by a single system of Tiaano ElSr-ND as it produce strong oxidation.

Tiaano ElSr-ND’ is an online treatment system, widely accepted product design for large capacity cooling towers in Power station, Refinery etc.  It is a reliable turn-key project with trouble free operation of 24 x 7, functions by Electrolytic technology leads Zero chemical usage on water treatment.

ElSr removes suspended solids like fly Ash, leads zero dirt contamination, produce active Oxidation, and leads to zero inhibitors / corrosion.  It is an automatic self-cleaning system clean the entire cooling tower water circuits.

In chemical dozing the maximum water conductivity can be 2500 µs, resulting high level bleed-off.   Whereas, Tiaano ElSr operates in cooling tower with the conductivity ranging from 4500 to 5000 µs, savings up to 50% of blow down. 100% of blow down can be used for Gardening without further treatment as chemical contamination is not there in the blow down. 

Cycles of circulation increases considerably by multifold about 10.  Delta ‘T’ remain same or improves considerably.  Improves approach value of Chiller.

Treatment capacity of an ElSr reactor is 8,000 M3 / Hr.  

The sludge created due to scale separation can be sold off to brick manufacturers or mixed with concrete or bitumen for road construction


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